C for Canines

Canine cancer is becoming so commonplace that it does not surpris us anymore.Sounds dramatic but its true and very sad.

Sad because it’s avoidable

Veterinarians have been really worried this last few years and their fear has now been realised by us Dog owners who are starting to lisen. We are lisening because of a few disturbing facts that have emerged

Did you know that 1. Your dog is twice as likely to develop leukemia than humans. 2.With breast cancer the statistics are 4 times that of humans. 3.Double that for Bone cancer 4.The big one ,skin cancer is 35 times that of humans 5.Cancer is the leading cause of non-accidental death in dogs morrisanimalfoundation.org

But here is the most frightening fact of all…[backed by research] * 35,000,000 (35 million) of the dogs alive in the US today already have or will develop cancer. That is 50% of our dogs get cancer….wow! How can we put a stop to these horrendous statistics?

Well let us first look at the reasons why and the major causes

5th – Household cleaning chemicals 4th – Lawn and garden chemicals 3rd – Toxic flea and tick treatment chemicals [read more about this here] 2nd – Over-exposure to the sun AND….

There is one Cause that experts agree is the #1 cause of cancer in dogs…. want to know what it is? “Hundreds of Experts Agree, This is the #1 Cause of Cancer in Dogs…”

“Commercial Dog Food” Just do a search online on toxins in dog food and you can see for yourself the evidence from many Universities and research sources. To give you a few examples i have researched myself

“The huge rise in cancer in dogs.. is almost entirely due to the toxic ingredients commonly used in pet food and pet treats” Dr. Lisa Newman, ND, Ph.D.

“The Dog Food Preservative Ethoxyquin Promotes Cancer” “Ethoxyquin [popular dog food preservative] has been found to promote kidney cancer and significantly increase the incidence of stomach tumors and enhanced bladder cancer” The Department of Pathology, Nagoya City University Medical School, Japan

“Causes of Canine Cancer Include Improper Diet” Causes of canine cancer include… “improper diet, stress, genetics and exposure to chemical or physical carcinogens” Dr. Susan G. Wynn, DVM

“Poisoned With Pet Food” “Our animals are being routinely poisoned with pet food” Dr. Brandon Brooks, DVM

“Processed Foods are a Factor in Increasing Cancer in Dogs” “Recent studies have shown processed foods to be a factor in increasing numbers of pets suffering from cancer, arthritis, obesity, dental disease and heart disease” Dr. Randy Wysong, DVM

“Causes of Canine Cancer Include Poor Diet” “I have identified an unrecognized endocrine-immune disturbance as a major trigger of multiple diseaes in cats and dogs, including….cancer. [Causes include] poor diet.” Dr. AJ Plechner DMV

The good news about commercial dog food is — you have a choice You can instantly and dramatically decrease your dog’s chances of developing cancer, or increase it’s chances of recovery from cancer, by simply changing to a healthy home-prepared diet. and increasing your knowledge about canine cancer and how to recognise it and what to do . “These Are The 7 Bare-Minimum Things You Need To Know About Canine Cancer in Your Dog”

1. You need to know the nature of cancers and how they effect your dog’s body

2. You need to know how to detect cancer in your dog

3. You need to know how to prevent cancer in your dog

4. You need to know the mainstream treatment options, their costs and outcomes

5. You need to know the alternative & cheaper treatment options, their costs and outcomes

6. You need to know the specific nutrients a dog with cancer requires (remember, requirements are very different to a healthy dog) AND

7. You need to have a collection of recipes specifically designed for feeding a dog with cancer But don’t worry how you’re going to learn all that, because we’ve done the hard work for you.. Introducing: The Complete Canine Cancer SECRETS Package has We surveyed 17,364 dog owners and asked them what they want and need to know about dog cancer.

You can look into ways to avoid your dog dying early

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