Breast Cancer Information – What You Should Know!

Breast cancer is known to be a disease that can affect women and sometimes men in rare cases. Most people are unaware of this disease and hence, unable to treat it timely. Breast cancer can occur at any age.

It is important to know about this disease if you want to be detected on time and save yourself from a lot of health and emotional problems it brings along with.

Here are some important things regarding this disease. Read and understand the information for your own health benefits.

A) The part affected

In case of a breast cancer, the malignant cancer develops inside the cells that provide lining to the ducts. This can also be referred to as a ductal breast cancer. Most of the time, cancerous cells tend to develop inside the lobules. This can be referred to a type of lobular breast cancer. The cancer can also develop in other tissues of the breast.

B) Risk factors

There are several risk factors for development of breast cancer. Here are some of these:

a) Woman

Being a woman is the biggest risk factor.

b) Early periods

Some women tend to get their period prior to the age of 12. This increases the chances of developing breast cancer.

c) Family history

This plays an important role. Doctors usually consider sisters, mothers and daughters when analyzing family history for breast cancer detection. In case, anyone in your family gets diagnosed, it puts you at greater risk.

d) Alcohol

If you are taking more than about two alcoholic beverages on a daily basis, you are at risk.

e) Diet with excess fats

Make sure that you don’t have a diet that consists of high amounts of saturated fat. If you do, then there are more chances of carrying this disease. Try to avoid food that is too high in fat content. Also do not eat foods that contain poly unsaturated fat.

f) Late pregnancy

Pregnancies after the age of 26 are risky as far as development of breast cancer is concerned.

g) No pregnancy

Women who have never had pregnancy are also at risk of developing breast cancer.

h) Personal history

Women with personal history of breast cancer can also develop this cancer later in their life. Hence, regular breast check ups are necessary.

C Treatment options

There are several treatment options available for people with breast cancer. If detected at an early stage, this disease can be treated easily. There are some standard treatments for this disease. One is usually advised to go for a treatment clinical trial at first. It is a type of research where new treatments are found for this disease.

Other options include surgery such as lumpectomy, partial mastectomy, Total mastectomy, modified radical mastectomy and radical mastectomy

There are other alternative treatment options such as radiation therapy, chemotherapy and hormone therapy.

Make sure that you keep yourself updated with the latest and full information on breast cancer in order to get total relief from it.

Remember that early detection is the best treatment for this disease.

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