Allogenic hair transplant: stem cell therapy for hair loss treatment

Everyone is aware that a hair transplant surgery is done with a person’s own hair, taken from the back of their scalp or with the help of FUE procedure, from donor dominant hair bearing areas anywhere in the candidate’s body including arms, legs, chest and pubic region. But if a person does not have the sufficient quantity or quality of donor hair, then it turns them down to be an ideal candidate to benefit from the surgery.
Donor hair cannot be taken from another person. It is often a heartwarming situation when a person with head full of thick lustrous hair chooses to shave it off or crop it like crop circles, yet a person of the same age feels sensitive about their spreading male pattern baldness. It is reported that in some cases identical twins’ donor hair might suit to the other twin’s scalp, but that is a rare case. Projecting from this scenario, now with the emerging allogenic hair follicle transplant procedure, surgeons are hoping that finally there might be a solution that a donor can be other than the patient.
Allogenic stem cell transplant, or in this case allogenic hair restoration, would work with stem cells that are found in a person’s bone marrow. The same cells produce platelets; red and white blood cells. A person of same blood type can thus donate his/her bone marrow to another person, either a stranger or relative and it is what looks much similar to blood donation. The same stem cells can be harvested from a candidates own body as well, and then it will not be Allogenic
It is this stem cell can be transplanted to the patient that further can probate the chances of new hair follicular growth which was not possible so far.
So far, stem cell transplants have been successfully utilised in treatments of leukemia; lymphoma; for bone marrow restoration that have been damaged in effect of cancer treatment of chemotherapy and radiation. But this would be the first time, when it is being developed for cosmetic purposes of hair restoration. Stem cell therapy is yet reasonable as to save a life rather than aesthetic enhancement. Hair loss is not a life threatening condition, it is neither a disease nor disorder, it is a natural characteristic only, and the biggest harm it can cause is self-consciousness.
But as the progress of the study happening and is widely reported so by physicians and surgeons world over, this is brings a new scope of hair restoration in the UK and other parts of the world.
Hair transplant cost in the United Kingdom starts from £2,000 for 500grafts with FUT, and £4-6 per graft with FUE, from all standard to high profile cosmetic clinics, but it can be supposed that the Allogenic hair transplant cost to be much more than this, given the extensiveness of the surgery.

The information covers topics such as stem cell therapy for hair restoration; allogenic transplant and hair restoration cost in the UK. For more information watch this space or consult with Harley Street Hair Transplant Clinic in London.
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