Different reasons for which one should go for cord blood banking

Is this the question pondering in your mind because soon you are going to become a mother? My doctor also suggested me for the same during my pregnancy? But I didn’t find it necessary. I realized its importance later on as I was not aware that cord blood Stem Cell Potential is so high that it can cure more than 80 different deadly diseases like cancer, blood related disorders, spinal cord related injuries etc. I lost the lifetime opportunity please you don’t miss it.

Motherhood is wonderful stage of your life and the moment you start feeling your baby within your womb you get filled with love and compassion. You are sure that your baby is well protected in your womb and now with Cord Blood Banking you can give same protection to your child after delivery that too for lifetime. Research has shown that one out of two hundred people need Stem Cell Treatment in their life time. It may not seem a lot but with every child birth there is a possibility that it could be your child who might need stem cell treatment in its lifetime. As parents it is our commitment to help our children to provide whatever best we can which will help them for their entire life.

Thousands of parents around the world are saving their child’s cord blood as it contains stem cells which have an amazing ability to differentiate in to different types of cells and tissues. Stem cell is the building blocks of the blood and immune system. Because of this property of stem cells they are being used to cure many blood related diseases, cancers, leukemia, lymphoma, spinal cord injury, and many more. This is known as stem cell treatment. It is still in its infant stage and there are many researches going on to know the vastness of stem cell potential for the treatment of many other diseases.

Stem cells can also be derived from bone marrow but they are very mature cells and increase the chances of graft versus host disease, whereas stem cells in cord blood are immature and haven’t yet learned how to attack foreign substances. Similarly, the body doesn’t recognize these “primitive” cells as foreign cells. As a result, patients who receive stem cells from cord blood are less likely to reject the stem cell transplant.

Cord blood stem cells can only be collected at the time of birth of baby, it is a simple and hassle free process and doesn’t harm baby and mother in any ways. It is completely a painless process. After the collection the cord blood is carefully processed and preserved by the cryo banks or cord blood banks under very low temperatures until it is required for the treatment. With your decision of banking your child’s cord blood with right cord blood bank you can also Protect Your Child for lifetime.

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