Herbal Remedies To Increase Testosterone Level And Sexual Desire In Men Safely

Normal testosterone levels are required for regular erectile functions, to produce sperms, and for fertility and a happy conjugal life. A proper flow of testosterone can help in maintaining the strength of the muscles and bones. Aging can be the main reason for the drop in the level of testosterone. Heavy drinking, injury to testes, exposure to harsh chemicals (such as chemotherapy), exposure to heavy metals and radiations can cause long term damage to the male reproductive organ and this can cause abnormalities of the endocrine flow in the body to disrupt the flow from the brain and pituitary to the male reproductive organs. Most conventional cures and drugs for low testosterone have chronic and fatal life risks e.g. testosterone therapy to increase sexual desire in men – raises the risk of stroke and heart attack in older men.

Various other chemicals for the medical problems linked to poor erectile functions and low testosterone have long term side effects. Beta blockers for high blood pressure can reduce erection function and the common, alternatives, for poor erectile functions e.g. penile injects, vacuum constrictions and implants have a range of harmful effects. There are various other negative effects of certain treatments taken to increase sexual desire in men or to increase erectile strength. Some men who undergo cancer treatment may suffer from erectile disorders and may not find any change in erectile function even after taking ED medicines. Alternatively, herbal remedies to increase testosterone provide safer ways to enhance desire and improve erectile functions as it is rich in flavonoids. Flavonoids are good for erectile functions, and this was published in the February 2016 journal of The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Mucuna pruriens can relax the mind, elevate energy levels in the body, relax the body and improve libido. It is herbal seed powder which can be found in herbal remedies to increase testosterone – Kaunch Shakti capsules. Mucuna has been used since centuries to treat dopamine problems. The seeds are adaptogenic which provides strength to the body – mind to handle stress easily. L-dopa in the herbal seeds supports brain functions in a number of ways.

The isolated laboratory based dopamine fails to cross the blood- brain barrier and is not absorbed into the body, on the other hand, is present in bio available form in the seed extract.

People suffering from low dopamine and low testosterone may feel restless or edgy, crave for food and are unable to relax. Long term low dopamine can cause concentration problem, social anxiety, chronic fatigue, constant tension and low libido. People who take high level of nicotine, sugars and caffeine are at a higher risk of suffering from such conditions. The intake of herbal remedies to increase testosterone – kaunch or mucuna increases the level of dopamine in brain and causes mood enhancement and increases mental well-being. People with low dopamine may find it tough to handle stressful interviews or work involving lots of concentration but Kaunch Shakti capsules reduces the problem of tingling or numbness in hands or face due to chronic stress. The person can comfortably handle pressure-inducing tasks such as job interviews or project discussions in office.

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