Colonics And Candida Cures, The Possible Connection

Candida and colon cleansing are a subject being regularly discussed as being closely related these days. In a lifestyle where our bodies are subjected to toxic environments, it’s no wonder that we are riddled with excess bacteria and constipation problems.

If you think of your body’s colon as the plumbing and you become constipated on a regular basis, it’s easy to see how this can impact the rest of your body. Have you ever had your plumbing back up? Not a pretty sight!

Candida bacterium thrives in a toxic body and a clean body with great plumbing and excellent pH level won’t be very hospitable to these unhealthy yeast. If you are suffering from repeat yeast infections it might be time to look at your digestive system as a potential problem. If candida continually breed in your body, your body is welcoming them!

If you imagine a great environment for yeast, that would be a toxic or polluted environment that’s fed food the yeast thrives on (sugar, junk food, yeast filled foods) but if you clean that environment, the yeast starve and die off. Cleaning the colon can get the yeast evicted whereas living in a state of constipation with putrefied food existing in your intestines is only going to contribute to the pig sty environment that yeast have grown to love so much.

How can you tell if you might have need a colon cleanse? Several signs deserve a closer look at your health and wellness including the following symptoms that might mean it’s time to do some spring cleaning in your colon:

* You are constipated on a regular basis. This might mean you have a bowel movement each day but that it’s not exactly comfortable.

* You have recurring vaginal yeast infections and / or yeast rashes

* You haven’t eaten healthy for ages and eat more junk food than healthful food

* You get sick often, which is a sign of a poorly functioning immune system. Candida and a dirty colon can both harm your immune functions and make you susceptible to illness and germs or bacteria.

* There’s a metallic taste in your mouth

* Halitosis (bad breath) which can be a result of poor digestive functions

* Excessive weight gain or bloating

* Chronic headaches or tiredness for no apparent reason

* Gas, heartburn and flatulence

* Skin rashes

Not only could a dirty colon contribute to the above symptoms but there are many articles that point to an unhealthy digestive system as the number one reason for diseases including cancer of the stomach and colon. An interesting report called “Death Begins in The Colon” available online is worth a read to learn more about the imperative nature of keeping your digestive system working at peak performance levels.

While repeated candida problems might not strike you as anything more than an annoying illness, more results are pointing towards it being more than a nuisance…more like a sign of serious imbalance in your body that needs addressing.

Candida infections may need to be diagnosed by a physician to know you actually have it but once you experience a candida infection and it returns, most people identify it immediately.

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