Hepatitis B – What Are The Odds Of Beating It?

Hepatitis B is a viral infection caused by one’s infection with the hepatitis virus B. Hepatitis B can launch the inflammation of an infected person’s liver which can lead to liver failure, hepatic cirrhosis, liver cancer or even death.

Hepatitis B virus is found in infected blood or liquids of the human body, such as semen and vaginal secretions. This is the reason why the virus can be easily transferred through blood transfusion, using infected syringes and needles in hospitals, dental clinics, through body piercing and even through manicures. Needless to say, this infection can be readily transferred through unprotected sexual contact and by the mother to the newborn during child birth.

Acute Hepatitis B presents varied symptoms. One is change of the white part of the eye to yellow; then also the skin. There would also be a change in the colour of the urine, which can become orange or brown as well as the colour of the feces.

One of the indications of Hepatitis B infection is severe and chronic exhaustion that could last for several weeks.

Still other symptoms of Hepatitis B infection could be like the symptoms of flu, joint pains, fever, vomiting, lack of appetite and fever.

The symptoms begin to appear one to six months after exposure to an infected person or object. Take note that approximately 30 percent of infected individuals do not show any symptom of being infected. Chronic hepatitis B and acute hepatitis B have similar symptoms, except that in chronic hepatitis B, the feeling of fatigue and exhaustion is more severe and the patient starts getting disoriented.

When a doctor suspects a viral B hepatitis, he or she will proceed to a full examination and a series of blood tests to establish if the hepatic functions are working right. If this virus is traced, and when the hepatitis is chronic, hepatic biopsy is recommended. This will reveal the severity of the illness. The doctor will recommend special treatment in the matter, depending on the patient’s state and the severity of the affection.

Cases of acute hepatitis B are rare. If promptly detected and treated, it can be cured in six months more or less. Some cases of acute hepatitis B can develop into chronic hepatitis. A person who has been exposed to the virus should go to the doctor at once so that she could be administered a special vaccine. The vaccine will cause the body to prep up the immune system to combat the infection. It is best for hepatitis B patient to take a lot of rest in order to speed up their recovery.

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