The Benefits Of Menopause Hormone Replacement Therapy

It’s still one of the most hotly-debated issues in women’s health…menopause hormone replacement therapy and the pros and cons of it’s effectiveness and risks continues to confuse many women.

Who should you believe? Up until the early part of this century it was still the most common course of treatment for menopausal women and still considered a safe option for most. However, numerous trials and studies have shown that some women may be at risk from HRT but has this information been blown out of all proportion.

In fact, could it be women who have taken the risks to heart and eliminated menopause hormone replacement therapy as an option actually be putting their own quality of life under risk but not considering it?

Again, the arguments will fly back and forward from those more in favor of exploring more natural methods of treatment and those convinced HRT still has it’s place. So what’s the answer?

Simple… your doctor. Believe it or not your doctor is in most cases pretty well qualified to pass on advice about menopausal matters. When it comes to deciding what course of treatment you should consider you would be wise in seeking medical counsel before going off on a half-baked notion of some report you have read or on the mis-guided advice of a friend.

I’m not saying either would be wrong but remember this, menopause affects different women in different ways and no two cases will be identical. What works for one may be totally unsuitable for another.

We know women with a history of heart disease, breast cancer or blood clots should avoid menopause hormone replacement therapy but does this mean all women should give it a miss.

The simple fact is HRT has it’s place in the treatment of menopausal symptoms and in most cases, is still the best course of treatment for many women. To completely dismiss it as an option is foolhardy. That is, until you’ve examined both the benefits and disadvantages in your case.

Symptoms such as vaginal discomfort and hot flashes can be eased considerably with HRT while it’s still considered effective in preventing osteoporosis in many cases. Short term treatment benefits can usually outweigh the risks.

So what do you do? Talk to your doctor. Too many women are suffering in silence from the symptoms of menopause simply because they have been scared off the idea of hormone replacement therapy. Let your doctor advise you once they have examined your situation whether it could be a safe course of treatment for you.

Want to improve your quality of life? Menopause hormone replacement therapy is one option but there are several other menopause relief options you need to consider.
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